[gardeners] Email

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 15:36:08 -0500

Hey, I'm actually getting a little more email now. Maybe this will go through

To !@#$%^&* (really bad curses) hot to do anything in the garden. The soaker
hoses are dripping still and don't seem to be catching up. At least everything
is still alive. Honey bees are working the crepe myrtle pretty good. More honey
bees than we have seen in a long time. Wish they were working the zukes, no
fruit set on them yet. The green beans are blooming and the sunchokes are
getting close to bloom. Sone of the chokes are 10-12 feet tall. I thought I had
thinned them pretty good last fall but looks like I missed a root or two or

The hot chiles are still producing and blooming, picking about a pint a day off
of them. Eggplant, can't say too much about eggplant, I'm picking six to eight
fruit per week off of seven plants. I estimate we have taken about 95 fruit off
of them since May 23, 2000 and the end is not yet in sight. The Louisiana Long
Green eggplant are just now coming into their peak production, they must really
like hot weather.

Miz Anne was called by the school board yesterday, looks like two elementary
schools are going to be graced with a wonderful art teacher this beginning
school year. Better yet, she will get benefits as it is a full-time job. Bad
thing is they want her to go back to collitch and get six more credits as it has
been so long since she taught full-time. Oh well, they're letting her take
anything she wants so she will sign up for a couple of art courses.

I'm working nearly every day now doing my consulting work as business is still
booming down here. I can't say I hate it because I really like what I do. I can
say that my semi-retirement gets eaten up a little more each week and I'm now
having to turn prospective clients away so that I can devote quality time to my
current clients. Unfortunately I am working on a very large audit one of the big
refineries here wants five of my clients to turn in prior to December 31, 2000.
Wouldn't be too bad but the auditors are not safety professionals and are
misinterpreting the OSHA standards. I'm having a meeting with the refinery
management tomorrow to let them know what is being asked for in their name.
Don't think they're gonna be too happy. At any rate -