Re: [gardeners] My garden

penny x stamm (
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 00:15:37 -0400

Hello, David -- your flower photos are superb!  I cannot believe 
that they can be made this perfectly ----  Great job on your 
Web Page!

I think my favorite doggie picture is marked December.

I had a neighbor with an all-pink garden. You two should get
together . . . . . 

I lost 4 dogwoods to anthracnose quite a few years ago. Since
then I have planted crabapples instead, and have lost 3 of them 
to cedar-apple rust, while the 4th one (with dark colored leaves
and apples) has survived. Finally I am back to dogwoods, this
time pink -- and apparently because they have solid sand root-
balls, I am afraid that I will lose them also!  If these all die, I think

I'll just plant corn. 

Penny, NY

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