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Mon, 14 Aug 2000 05:59:33 -0400

Thanks, I really like taking and messing with pictures.

After I saw the spots on my dogwood I read about it a little on the
internet.  They say it is killing lots of dogwoods in the east.  In one
survey of some Federal land in Maryland (the area where Camp David is) they
found something like 80% of the dogwoods have died, and all the rest have
anthracnose.  They know it's caused by a fungus, but they don't know why it
is suddenly killing so many trees.


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> Hello, David -- your flower photos are superb!  I cannot believe
> that they can be made this perfectly ----  Great job on your
> Web Page!
> I think my favorite doggie picture is marked December.
> I had a neighbor with an all-pink garden. You two should get
> together . . . . .
> I lost 4 dogwoods to anthracnose quite a few years ago. Since
> then I have planted crabapples instead, and have lost 3 of them
> to cedar-apple rust, while the 4th one (with dark colored leaves
> and apples) has survived. Finally I am back to dogwoods, this
> time pink -- and apparently because they have solid sand root-
> balls, I am afraid that I will lose them also!  If these all die, I think
> I'll just plant corn.
> Penny, NY
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