Re: [gardeners] Wednesday at work and in the garden

penny x stamm (
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 00:02:04 -0400

George,  your harvest is enviable, even if the heat is not. Did I
tell y'all that we reached a high of 66* on Monday...?  What a
bizarre August!  Have had so far 5.25 inches of rain the first
14 days, and it seems never to stop. The big thunder storm hit
us at 5:00am, and since we had only gone to bed at 4:30, I 
didn't mind getting up to disconnect both computers. The
frustrating part of it was that only 30 minutes north of here, 
there was no storm, and at 6:00am the sky was alight with
a yellow-orange glow, a phenomenon I've been anxiously
searching for, for weeks -- only the constant clouds have
blocked my view. 

So far we have harvested 2 snow peas, a total crop, 
but our 3rd artichoke is growing very fast. The tomatoes are 
something else -- I think I'll have to set up a roadside stand 
just to give 'em away, there are so many!  My cousin gave me 
unknown seedlings, and one bush has oversized cherry 
tomatoes which look like a television ad -- lots of fun to pop in 
the mouth, and chomp.  The pineapple sits in its nest of long, 
narrow leaves, very much like a crown on display.  I don't
see much growth in it, but without any sunshine at all, what
could I expect...? As the workers hereabouts are inclined to
say, demasiado agua sobre la presa -- too darned much water
over the dam! 

I think we should have planted rice.

Penny, NY

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