[gardeners] Saturday hiding from the heat

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 19:03:37 -0500

Daughter and her two youngest children got here about 11 am. Ol' Granpa had some
eggplant pancakes (gotta get rid of them someway) that the kids wouldn't eat but
the adults loved. To go with it we had baked beans with onions and grilled
smoked sausage and old-fashioned hot links washed down with your choice of
chilled beverage and followed by a mix yellow cake with store bought lemon
icing. Hey, when I'm feeding two teenagers who eat everything I don't bother
making stuff from scratch. <VBG>

I have a nice pork loin in the oven now and am basting it with a
raspberry/chipotle basting sauce I got at Sam's Club. Stuff was made in Canada,
kudos to our northern neighbors as this stuff is good with a capital G. We're
having home grown broccoli and corn on the cob from Miz Anne's corn patch to go
with the loin and some fresh French baguette bread I scored at a local bakery
this morning. Will toast that lightly under the broiler with a little garlic
butter on it.

Tomorrow I will be cooking them a giant breakfast and a bigger lunch so they can
go home well fed and happy. 

I'm happy in the garden of my life, my family, so life is indeed good.