Re: [gardeners] Heat wave

George Shirley (
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 20:26:09 -0500

Byron, come on down. Ambient temp today was 107F with a heat index of 116F. Lots
more heat than my old bones can stand. The temperature last night at 10 pm was
97F on the heat index, ie the perceived temperature. On top of that our utility
company is asking people to voluntarily cut back on electricity use or they may
have to institue "rolling" brownouts. Public Service Commission has told them
they had better find some more juice or be prepared to be fined millions.

Anyone up in Canada that wants to can open the door and let some cold air down
here if they've got any. Could use some rain too.


byron bromley wrote:
> Penny in NY
> You can stop doing the "Heat Wave" anytime
> 70 to 90 overnight, is a little more than these old bones can handle.
> Byron