Re: [gardeners] Re: [gardeners) weather (
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 09:17:18 EDT

This summer has been so strange.  I live on a small lake and finally went 
swimming late in August.  It was either raining or too windy or cold whenever 
I had time to swim.  I am usually in early June to  mid Sept.  
he corn too has not been seen here much but it sure tasted  good.  My taste 
buds were ruined by radiation and corn tastes better than anything I have 
eaten.  I  don't care if it is fresh, canned , frozen or cornbread.  
Now I'm bringing everything back into the greenhouse for the  fall.  It has 
been close to 40 f at night.  I have found a foxglove blooming and a 
perennial geranium that blooms early summer.  Maybe the primroses will bloom 
as they did last fall.