[gardeners] spring forward, fall back

Craig Watts (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 16:22:06 -0400

Well it's time to do the fall garden. Down here in Rally Carolina we plant
collards, brocollee (sp?),cabbage cabbage and cabbage. Got green and red
cabbage to go in. Had cut worms right from the nursery! ( 7 dust),

Ain't nothing like coming back from deer hunting and picking a frost
covered collard, mixing with ham and hav'in a hot meal on the table.
Anyways, planted today. Last year fall got gone due to rain. Thought I'd
beat it this year.

Green tomatoes are numerous. Cindy does the relish thing as well as the
pickled green tomatoes.(Penny, she's from up-state). Salty , but good.

Year in review


Green beans (e-numerous)
Bell peppers (supermarket perfect!)
New Zealand spinich (what'do I do with this stuff?)


NTG (not to good)
swiss chard (first year attempt-did great up in mass.)
Corn (hail)
Squash (had ample amounts-was not forced to eat it every night)(hail)
potatoes (should have lett'im stay longer)

What's good:
Brother Brad sent down some green cherry peppers, rolled paschodo ham (sp?)
and a piece of cheese stuffed in 'em soaked in olive oil.

Other than that, had grubbs crawling on driveway after hard rain from
tropical depression that came over. I'm talking hundreds!!!!!!!!! In the
garage, yeK!   :(                      Any suggestions? Did diazinon on dog
area and they still came.

You, all have fun (as I make my second batch of jerky in the de-hydrator).

Craig Watts