Re: [gardeners] gluttany

penny x stamm (
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 23:47:36 -0400

Craig, we used to get pickled green tomatoes as a treat in the
NYC delis, when I was a kid -- they never were particularly
salty. We also were used to marvelous so-called 'new' pickles
in those days which nobody seems to make anymore. I don't
care for the cukes put up in just plain salt, water and garlic.
My grandmother used to do that, and I was always disappointed.

The other day I bought an 'English' cuke -- one of those so-called
seedless, about 14 inches long -- and I washed but did not peel it,
then proceeded to slice it down manually into 79 slices.  (That's not
a problem to someone used to Chinese cooking...) I laid them 4 at
a time into a glass quart pudding bowl and salted each lightly, then
adding another layer and so forth. Let them stand on the counter 
for 4 hours, then poured off the water and added half a cruet of
Good Seasons dressing made with olive oil and tarragon vinegar, 
and refrigerated them overnight.

Next day I hate to admit this but -- I ate the entire thing up in one

Penny, NY

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