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     George I was not aware that there was a problem. I am so glad that things are
looking better for your family. I have always thought that other than the general
stupidity that comes with being young, drug abuse gets started due to insecurity,
sometimes depression and just way to much pressure on these kids by the public school
systems, their school friends and numerous other things. I think it is totally
amazing how you can see how much their family loves and supports some of these kids
but for some reason the kids just can't see it and can never get enough to do them
any good. That is what I think is so great about the homeschooling trend. It keeps
those young easily influenced in the wrong direction kids (all of them at the teen
age level) home enveloped in love. Those outside influences at the teen level are so
very scary and it is just hard for a parent to see how much these kids are
encountering in just one single day away from the family.
      Keep bringing you grandson close to your heart as always and doing when you can
with him in your garden or around the house. Tell him stories about when you were
little or other family things that helps him remember he has strong roots and is a
important member of the family.
     I am so very happy he is recovering and enjoying being with the family in the
real world! I just wish we could hear more great news like this. I am sure he will be
able to keep a handle on the situation.

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> Many of you have read posts of mine where I have bemoaned my middle grandson's
> problems. He called me last night, along with his Mom, to let me know he had
> been drug free for one month and was liking it. He lost two of his druggie
> friends to crystal meth overdose's and it scared him into stopping all drug use.
> George