Re: [gardeners] wild turkeys?

penny x stamm (
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 14:38:09 -0400

George, that sounds reasonable.  Perhaps the underexposed photos 
will give us something more concrete than my excited memory to go 
on. We shall see. 

Your description does seem close .....

For two days now we are chsing down yet another phantom -- my big
ririgation controller in the garage was able to water all 6 lawn areas
on command, should I need it, but very suddenly, the 2nd six of all
shrubbery zones, would not turn on. Panic -- here i was digging out
some exotic graniums which I had started a year ago, to save 
indoors over the winter, and I discovered that the soil was totally
devoid of moisture.  The test run on the clock told us, "open circuit". 
That's good detective work for them, but where do we start?  Jimmie
started pulling off wires and doing his hocus-pocus with the voltmeter,
but it still would not run, and i was paranoid that he would never 
remember just where to remake all the connections!  After 3-1/2 hours,
we quit for the night. 

While i was out at a quilt show this morning with #4 daughter, Jim 
attacked the problem anew...  He had reasoned that some common 
wire was disabled, even EYE had reasoned that much, so he took
himself out front to the in-ground boxes, and took apart all the
connections to those 6 errant valves.  Thank heavens I wasn't here,
watching!!!  Bottom line, he did find corrosion in a common line
connector, and has cleaned it all up, so we are ready to go try
everything once again.  Naturally, just to confound us, the lawn
sprinklers turned themselves on 3 hours late this morning. That
can only happen with human intervention. Not only that, but we
don't need the spinklers at this season, so how did  they get
enabled in the first place..?  It's a puzzlement.

And here it is Oct.14th, and I have harvested exactly 14 raspberries
from the big patch. 10,400 more have not ripened, and will never 
ripen before we get slammed with a killing frost.  What is Nature
doing to us this summer...?? In fact I could say:  What Summer??? 

Penny, NY

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