Re: [gardeners] wrapping the cabbages

George Shirley (
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 15:34:50 -0500

The brown cutworm lives in the soil and comes out to eat your plants off at the
ground level. If the foil is wrapped around the plant it keeps them from coming
up between the plant and the foil. Green cutworms are completely different
AFAIK. With heavy frost and freezing ground you may not have brown cutworm
problems. We call the big green worms "tobacco" worms and they, I think, don't
live in the soil.

penny x stamm wrote:
> .
> George, I always sink my Clorox bottles two inches into the
> ground, leaving about 4 inches above ground, as I plant the
> tomato seedlings. I also put a tall stake inside the circle, at this
> time.  Don't I have to bury it at all...?
> I was shown how to use newspaper to make a collar for roses
> which need winter protection, so I do understand your technique.
> I believe that we only have green cut-worms, no browns. Not sure.
> But I never had problems with them. Rabbits, yes. They devour
> everything, including the growing heart of the artichokes . . .
> Penny
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