Re: [gardeners]Thai Hots

George Shirley (
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 12:07:30 -0500

Nope, just a shiny red all over. Never saw a Thai Bird so don't know what they
look like. I have no idea what the flavor is, I'm not crazy enough to taste
them. They make a very hot dried red pepper and are good in hot sauce, that's
enough for me. I dry the chile, grind it to fine powder and mix with black
pepper in a 75/25 ratio of black to red. Friend of mine loves it, I can take it
or leave it. I like chiles that have a little bite and some flavor. I wouldn't
eat a hab if I was starving to death, even smelling them makes my eyes water.
<VBG> wrote:
> Sound like Thai Dragons, are they a touch metallic on the back end, but not
> as hot as Thai Birds or Habs?   How's the flavor?
> Mary-Anne