[gardeners] Tuesday in the kitchen and office

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 09:21:39 -0500

I've been up since 6 am working either in our kitchen or my office. Office work
consists of getting a massive audit report done so my clients can continue
working in heavy industry and the report is a bear. Kitchen work consisted of
cleaning up from yesterday and then whizzing my latest three batches of chopped
and fermented chiles into a fine blend and putting them in the big stainless
steel pot (10 quart) to do their mellowing. A wee bit of vinegar has gone into
this pot along with the chiles but I will still add more vinegar before they are
finished. I'm not real happy with the thickness of the hot sauce to be but it
can be whizzed in the blender again if necessary. At the moment the stuff is
tres hot yeah. A little taste on a fingertip sent me for the milk. When blended
with a little more vinegar and mellowed out for awhile it should be edible for
about anyone. If not I have chile freak friends nearby who would appreciate it.

This batch of hot sauce is going to run about 15 to 20 quarts by the time I'm
done with it and it's a good thing I've plenty of bottles.

The fall garden is growing well with everything we planted up and healthy. The
bunching onions are about 6 inches tall now and it looks like we will have a
bumper crop what with over 100 sets planted. One can never have to many onions

Back to work, enough playtime and Sleepy is asking me to go out to the gardens
with her again. She enjoys running about and checking every place she ever saw a
varmint and then looking at me to ensure I'm watching her do her job. Off we go.