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Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:34:50 -0400

I move things around a lot -- it's cheaper than buying new ones, as my wife
says.  I can't seem to get the hang of putting things where they'll look
nice the first time.  Or the second time.

What I do is dig the new hole first.  Sometimes I make it a little deeper
than it needs to be and put a mixture of  compost or manure and soil in the
bottom.  If I remember, I water the hole before the plant goes in.

Then I dig up the plant, getting as much of the roots as possible, and
leaving as much dirt on the roots as I can.  I put the plant in the new
hole, it should be a little higher than it was, fill in around it, then pack
it down so the plant is well seated in the new hole, and (hopefully) at the
same level it was before.  Then I water it thoroughly.

Usually it's best to move them when they're not actively growing.  Sometimes
it's good to cut the top back some so the roots have less to support.  I
hope this helps; maybe someone else can advise on the specific plants you


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Subject: [gardeners] transplanting question

> Hello...
> I rarely post but eagerly read everyone's messages which I find so helpful
> and heartening.  I do have a question if anyone has a chance to respond...
> We have put an arbor/gate in and I have 3 climbing roses (young ones) that
> I would like to transplant to train up over the arbor. When is the best
> time to do this, and is there a really good way that will lessen the
> that they won't make it?
> We also have to move a back side section of our picket fence in about 2
> feet b/c the previous owners installed it over the property line, and
> are several mature rhododendrons and slightly smaller hydrangeas that will
> have to be moved in.  Same questions with regards to them...
> I have never owned a house before so haven't done much transplanting or
> moving around of things. I did move a butterfly bush last year and it made
> it, so I'm hoping these others (esp. the roses) will as well. Any advice
> will be much appreciated.
> I am so envious of those of you with your tea trees and calendula and
> pomegranates! Wow!
> I am in North Carolina, if that is helpful in responding.
> All best,
> billie
> Billie Hinton