Re: [gardeners] transplanting question

penny x stamm (
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 01:07:22 -0400

Billie --

That about the bushes blooming below the snow line is so interesting - I
guess next time you should get out there and pile snow all the way up
the top! :) <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Couldn't.  The temperature was right on the dividing line between
snow and ice.  We could not shovel it without harming the plants
with the weight of the ice.  I do have photos of the amazing scene,
but until I get myself a proper scanner, I cannot share them with

Lost my prize Abies koreana nana, a short, wide Korean fir which
was said to be a 'witch's broom', and not reproducible except in
a botanist's laboratory ....  it had gray-green short, thick needles
with a silver underside, and was stunning.  Very asymmetrical. 
As happens in nature,  the plant sensed that it was about to die
(from the storm exposure -- don't forget, the ice held fast for
more than 7 days, and only part way up...) and so it set over fifty
cones where the year before there had been only 3, all of which
flew apart upon contact with the earth. It was a phenomenal 
sight. From that moment on, the plant color faded fast, and there
was no way of saving it. 

One of our correspondents in Prague was simultaneously
attempting to reproduce such a plant,  but neither of us


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