Re: [gardeners] Saturday in and out of the garden

Carol J. Bova (
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 11:21:34 -0800

Hi All,
I hope I haven't missed too much while my computer's been getting rebuilt 
by my son! I can't believe how chilly it's been. It's 53' now, and supposed 
to get up to the low 60's but down to mid-30's to 40's tonight! Going to 
pick my last beefsteak-type tomato today. It's the only one that really 
developed well and it's finally ripe.  The Romas are still full of flowers, 
but I guess they won't develop into fruit at this point.

George, you wrote:

>Gotta go to the Zigler Museum in Jennings, LA and pick up Miz Anne's painting
>that has been on exhibit there for the last month. The show has closed and I
>think she has a buyer for the painting. She sold one yesterday that was in a
>small show at the library of our local University.

Congratulations! That's great news for an artist!

>I'm toying with the idea of
>scanning some of her small paintings and printing them out in color on card
>stock. Might make a nice Xmas card to send to friends this year. Anyone 
>ever do
>this and, if so, how did they come out?

If the colors scan well in the first place, and you get a good image, no 
reason it shouldn't work. My husband's work is all too large to even think 
of scanning, (40 x 30 is a favorite size) but I have scanned 35mm photos 
that worked well.
He hasn't done greeting cards, but he does notecards to show people the 
range of his work, and to give as gifts.
For notecards, he usually just takes photos to the local copy center, and 
gets color laser prints of 4 photos per page. Then he cuts them apart with 
a paper cutter and uses a gluestick to glue them to panel cards with 
envelopes that he buys at a commercial printers supplier.
You could make personalized greeting cards of all kinds with garden or 
family photos after printing the inscription on the inside first.
Does Miz Anne have any images posted on the web? Would love to see them!
Carol J. Bova
Some of Murray's paintings are at: