[gardeners] State of the weather address

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 18 Nov 2000 08:59:10 -0600

It seems as if the normal weather pattern for SW Louisiana has returned with a
vengeance. It has been drizzling rain for more than 24 hours now and the ground
is saturated so we are getting run off with concurrent street flooding, drain
ditch flooding, etc. No one is complaining because we've got three year old kids
around here who haven't hardly seen any rain. I might mention it's also very
cold for this southron feller.

I bundled up and put on my big straw hat a bit ago and went out and harvested
eight or ten lemons, enough to fill a five gallon bucket. We're gonna dry them,
zest them, slice and dice and put through the food mill to extract the juice.
There at least 25 or 30 more on the tree, some ready to pick and many not. Had
to do something as the tree is bent over at about a 45 degree angle it's so
loaded with fruit.

I also need to get out and harvest the chiles but am gonna have to go buy some
rubber boots first. It's been so long since I wore my old ones they have dry
rotted, so did Miz Anne's and Sleepy's to smart to go out when its cold and wet.
She runs out to the carport, hangs her butt over the edge of the concrete and
does her business and then right back into the house and under her bankie.
Darndest thing I ever saw and we didn't teach it to her other than to complain
to her about wet spots and tootsie rolls on the cement.

No freeze forecast but I'm gonna drag the greenhouse heater out there later and
get it ready just in case.

Need to get back to work, I'm within 50 pages of having a 4-month long project
finished and want to get it done this weekend. Hope all are having a nice
weekend. Would say nicer but we're enjoying being together again for a week. Miz
Anne is off from school until the 27th of November and Sleepy and I are basking
in her presence.

Life is bery, bery, good.