Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden

penny x stamm (
Wed, 6 Dec 2000 00:27:22 -0500

Margaret, I'm still laughing....   

However, this being Tuesday, we headed out for New Jersey
with Jimmie wearing both a sweater AND his mackinaw, 
since it was 30 degrees outside. We had the traditional weekly
dinner with his cousin about to turn 90, and once he had
escorted her back to her apartment, he peeled off his mack
and threw it in the back seat. I knew we were in for trouble
right then and there!

After 15 minutes in the cozy car, with me reducing the heat more
and more and more, by very small increments, because it was
burning my ankles -----  Jim suddenly said, "Could you turn up
the heat, please."  I replied that it was a problem, because I just
could not get away from the vent..  So he grabbed the heater
control and raised it, simultaneously lowering the fan to absolute
minimum. I grabbed the fan control and raised it, and he threw a
fit. "You can only get more heat now by increasing the fan!" I
said.  "Nonsense!" he threw back at me. "You've got it all wrong,
James -- you HAVE to raise the fan to get more heat!" And so
finally I said we would have to read the Owner's Manual when 
we got home.  A block from the house he pulled over and  I took
out the book. I read it to him, but his idea of the meaning was 
not quite my idea. "The problem is that you are not dressed for
this weather!" I shot back at him."  "That's  nonsense," he
said -- "when I'm driving, I have to be comfortable. I will NOT
wear the mackinaw!"  

Of course, he had worn it all the way out to New Jersey, probably
so that I would not get infuriated BEFORE  dinner with his cousin,
because I consider it such an ordeal in the first place.  Six years
of Tuesdays is one helluva long time . . .  

As the French say, "Ca va..."  And so it goes.


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