[gardeners] Monday in the garden

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 15:21:25 -0600

Sleepy Dawg and I went out in the garden this afternoon for about an hour and
are now taking a break. It's heavily overcast, warm, and muggy. I'm back in my
shorts and tee again. I picked ripe chiles for most of that hour. Well, that and
ate a half dozen kumquats. Part of the time we spent visiting across the fence
with the lady next door. She's currently in remission from bone cancer and just
getting back into gardening. She wants to put in a bigger garden in her backyard
but hubby seems against it as it will slow his big lawn tractor mower down going
around the garden. I told her to let me know next time he left town and we would
till her up one and present it to him as a done deal when he gets home. Her
three lovely daughters showed up about then, all in their late thirties, early
forties, and told her they would help. I think we've got the old grump
outnumbered. <VBG>

I've already harvested about two quarts of red ripe chiles, mostly Thai Hots,
and have probably another quart on the bushes yet that need picking. Will go
back out after rest break and get them. That will make about three gallons of
chiles ready for grinding so will break the bags out of the freezer and let them
thaw and tomorrow they get processed for the hot sauce crocks. Can't ever have
enough hot sauce.

I've got some nice venison/pork sausage a friend brought by this morning so I
will also pick a cabbage so we can have steamed cabbage with sausage for supper
tonight. Back to the garden.