[gardeners] Saturday and Sunday in the garden

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 09:38:00 -0600

Picked some scallions and a cabbage to send to the son and his family yesterday.
Miz Anne had to go pick up a painting and return some books and videos to her
watercolor society so she took the annual Xmas gift to son. Included the
cabbage, scallions, a mess of salad greens, dried herbs, bottle of last years
pear wine, quart of pear sauce, quart of hot chiles, large bottle of hot sauce,
2 lemons off our tree, bag of 10 Rio Star grapefruit (on sale for $1.00 a bag at
our local market), and a half dozen nice navel oranges plus gifts for the two
young ones. The newest grandson is still colicky so Miz Anne didn't get to hold
him long.

Sleepy and I frolicked in the sunshine yesterday morning as we took care of some
chores around the place. About 1100 the wind picked up with gusts up to 50 mph
so we battened down all the loose stuff and closed up the greenhouse again. A
little rain fell but it started getting somewhat colder. Weatherman said
supposed to be at 30F this morning but my thermometer said 35F at 0700. Still
nippy out there but we gathered up the Sunday paper, checked the greenhouse, and
brewed a fresh pot of coffee and a steaming bowl of cream of wheat for each of
us, including Sleepy. Not much evident damage from all the wind but TV reports
downed power lines from trees falling across them and north LA had an ice storm
and 30K people are still without power, some for the third day now.

Supposed to be freezing each morning through Wednesday when it's supposed to
drop to 26F. Still not cold enough to freeze any of the hardy plants but cold on
folks and fur folk. Right now the sun is shining and the ambient temps are
getting warmer. Will go out in a bit and vacuum up the leaves the wind
conveniently deposited in fence and building corners.

Life is still good, even if it is cold out.