[gardeners] questions

Lorraine Richardson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 09:20:13 -0700

   Well, Christmas isn't even here yet and I'm about to die of 
spring fever.  I'm still able to work in the garden, I live in 
Albuquerque, zone 6 I think, anyhow I've got some questions.  
I'm building double-dug beds and the ground isn't frozen yet, 
because of the sun I don't think it actually does freeze out here.  
But I'm wondering if I should stop digging until spring, somewhere 
I thought I read that it's bad for the soil structure to dig it up when 
it's frozen (or close to frozen).  
I'm also building row cover hoops, with rebar hammered into the 
ground and plastic pipe hooped over it.  I've got two questions about 
that.  Somewhere on the net I saw these clips that clip over the plastic 
onto the hoop, like if you had plastic pipe that was really thin-walled 
so you could cut it with scissors into two-inch long pieces and then 
cut them length wise. The only thing I can think of to use is old garden
hose, can you all think of anything that might work better and cost
close to nothing?
Last question - if I've already planted daffodil, garlic, onion, and tulip
bulbs in some of my beds, would it be a bad idea to hoop-cover those 
beds and try to grow an early lettuce crop there?  Do you think it would 
cause the bulbs to come up early, and if so, would they rot?  
Thanks yall...