Re: [gardeners] Cooking from the garden (
Tue, 26 Dec 2000 11:18:36 -0500

Grape-nuts in bread.  I'd never thought of that, but it sounds good. I
like the fancy, expensive breads that have small bits of grain and nuts
in them, but don't get them very often.
Hope you have a great 40th celebration!


On Sat, 23 Dec 2000 15:26:36 -0600 (Shirley,George)
> Doing lots of baking today and have made one loaf of whole wheat 
> bread with
> wheat germ and Grapenuts (I like the crunch), and five golden fruit 
> cakes so
> far. Another loaf of bread is in the machine and I'm anxious to find 
> out how it
> turns out. I went into the garden, pulled a scallion, cut some NZ 
> spinach
> leaves, a couple of small chard leaves, a few fennel leaves and a 
> small hot
> chile. All of this got chopped well and went into the bread dough at 
> the
> appropriate time. It certainly smells good and I hope it tastes good 
> too. 
> I've seen all these commercial bread mixes in the stores with all 
> sorts of
> ingredients so I thought I would try my hand. What the hey, if it 
> doesn't work
> we can make dressing out of the bread.
> The chiles, hot and sweet, are gone. I think the Thai Hots may pull 
> through but
> I covered them. We've had four mild morning freezes of 31F or lower 
> so far this
> week. The chiles along the west fence, the majority of my plants, 
> are exposed to
> the north wind as it whistles between our house and the neighbors. 
> Even slowed
> way down by azaleas and other plantings the wind did the ol' chiles 
> in. Picked
> the last of them today, green or ripe, regardless. Chopped them in 
> the food
> processor and added them to the last gallon crock of fermenting 
> chiles for the
> year 2000. So far our chiles have produced 3 gallons of hot sauce, 
> another two
> gallons of chiles are fermenting, a couple of gallons were pickled, 
> and at least
> four gallons were given away to be eaten fresh or cooked with. Since 
> all of the
> seed for the plants was given, traded for, or home grown, I reckon 
> we got our
> moneys worth of time out of them.
> The fall green beans have also bitten the dust but the brassicas are 
> doing fine.
> We're growing Savoy Express cabbage for the first time this year and 
> I like it.
> Makes a head that runs 1.5 to 2 lbs, about right for two people to 
> eat at one
> sitting, has a nice taste and crunch when lightly steamed, and makes 
> an
> excellent slaw. The broccoli and cauliflower haven't headed up yet 
> but I thought
> I saw some florets of broccoli when I was out there today.
> Gotta go check on my baking, still have a mince pie to make. 
> Tomorrow we load
> the old car up to the roof and head for our daughters place in 
> Texas, returning
> on Tuesday in time for our personal fortieth anniversary 
> celebration. Friends
> sent us some Alaskan alder smoked salmon and we've got it hidden 
> along with some
> nice crackers for our anniversary dinner snacks, that along with a 
> standing rib
> beef roast, baked potatoes, and other veggies will make a nice 
> repast for a
> couple who ate hot dogs on their first anniversary because that's 
> all they could
> afford at the time. We may have hot dogs for lunch that day in 
> memory of our
> first anniversary.
> Happy holidays to all and I will still be reading my mail as my ISP 
> has just
> added a web mail section to their site.
> George