[gardeners] Saturday in the garden - maybe

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 07:48:08 -0600

Got up about 0400 this morning so went out to get the paper while the coffee was
brewing. There was a heavy frost on the grass and on the roof so went around
back to check the garden, same thing there. Greenhouse was a cozy 40F but the
ambient temp was 31F and, by 6:30, was 29F. Boy, do I wish La Nina would come
back. I can stand the drought better than I can the cold. I was so cold this
morning I was whistling up stray dogs and offering them a place in the bed with
us. That blasted Sleepy Dawg had the best place, sleeping in between Miz Anne
and I. She had the nerve to snore too. She generally gets up when I do but this
morning she just stuck her head out from under the covers and then ducked back.

Lots of housework to do today to catch up from the week. Have to get that
kitchen cleaned up and wash the clothes again. Already vacuumed yesterday and
would like to pick up leaves with the mower but it's still to wet out.

The broccoli is heading up nicely but still no curds on the cauliflower. The
cabbage is about gone, these small heads (make a good meal for two) get eaten up
regularly around here. Reckon if I grow Savoy Express next year I will have to
plant twice as much. The fennel is bulbing as are the kohlrabit but not at the
pick 'em and eat 'em stage yet. Carrots are still a wee bit small to start
pulling. Got plenty of scallions though. Picked a bunch yesterday. Used three or
four in a spaghetti sauce I made and chopped the rest. They're residing on a
cookie sheet in the freezer and will get bagged today. Miz Anne made a nice
salad to go with the spaghetti using lettuce, scallion, chard, fennel leaves,
and a small broccoli head from the garden. We all had a nice dinner from all of
that. The sauce had low-fat smoked sausage in it versus other meats and I used
the last pint of the spaghetti sauce I made last summer. Better get warm soon,
we're down to our last pint of green beans. Still got lots of jellies, jams, and
preserves though, and we never run out of canned carrots.

Better go vote and then come back and jump on that housework. Hope all have a
productive day.