Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the House -- for sure

penny x stamm (
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 00:29:54 -0500

Ron, we survived the snow storm which decended upon us
on Saturday with nothing more than 8 inches of fresh snow on
top of what is still all white from 2 weeks ago!  Unfortunately,
we had to cancel Jimmie's 79th birthday party, for road conditions
were terrible.  

Fortunately, OTOH, I had held off with the baking and preps until
11:00am, so we will get another chance at it next weekend. Tell
me, how fast does dust gather in the wintertime...? I would HATE
to have wasted all that time.....

The rental company was most gracious -- they said just keep all
the stuff for the extra week, no charge. Good people . . . 

I did have a funny, though:  we are to serve gyros for everyone --
I buy the meat from the Kronos wholesaler in Astoria, Long Island,
and he delivers it to a local (Greek) pizza parlor in the next town,
for me to pick up. The rest I make up myself. So here I was in the
supermarket buying 16 ripe tomatoes .... and the sales clerk 
asked me if I realized what I was doing..? Oh yes, I told her, but
it's for my hubby's birthday party.  And then I asked her where she 
had been born, for her accent was quite noticable. Armenia, she
replied. Ahh, I said, well the tomatoes are for gyros!  Hmmn, she
said, then I would have bought the cheapest........  Save your money
for the kids! 

Penny, NY

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