Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden - maybe

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:28:13 -0700

At 02:00 PM 1/22/01 -0600, you wrote:
>My Mom had a 1949 Chambers gas range made about the same as your Roper. 
>When she
>went into the nursing home I got to asking around and sold it for $1500.00 
>to a
>dealer in Houston. Seems the retro look was in about then. I think the 
>invoice, new, for the stove was less than $300.00 which was a month's pay back
>then. good stoves last forever and one of these days I'm gonna get a good 
>penny x stamm wrote:
> >
> > George, I'm still chugging along with my original stove from
> > 1953, when we moved in:  two ovens, of course two broilers,
> > six top burners and a space in the middle for warming dishes.
> > It's a Roper.
> >
> > Some of the white enamel has chipped right thru on one edge,
> > but it would take a revolution to get me to trade in this jewel....
> >
> > Penny, NY
> >
Penny, I had a great stove, a 5th burner on top that was great for 
canning.  Hinges on the oven door clammed up and would not open (dinner was 
in the oven). We had hinges replaced, and they had a devil of a time 
finding them.  Then a year or so later, the thermostat in the oven went 
out.  They wanted about $350 to replace it (a nationwide search turned up 
one), and I figured that plus labor would be more than we'd paid for the 
stove, so said no.  Damn dumb me!!!  Jaime told me to pay what they wanted, 
but I didn't. Bought an el cheapo that I couldn't stand, so finally got a 
better stove (has a simmer burner). I like this one, but it doesn't measure 
up to my old O'Keefe & Merritt.  Follow George's advice and my 
experience.  Margaret L