Re: [gardeners] There's no stove like an old stove . . .

penny x stamm (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 02:14:02 -0500

Carol wrote:  You should see what they're asking for these 
"vintage" pieces at the specialty stores here in L.A.!

I'd hate to part with it.  And I've learned to wear  long oven 
mitts and sit down on a chair, when I'm tending the broiler....
In fact, I think I would find things too heavy for manipulating
in and out of an eye level oven. There's something very 
satisfying about working in a position of command. 

What's more, when my microwave quit on me a few months
ago, my hubby, Jimmie, for the very first time in recorded
history, declined to take it apart amd repair it!  So I asked my
kindly garbage man to come in and carry it out, and he had no
problem with it. However, Jimmie would not allow me to go 
trotting off alone to buy a new one. He wanted to be in on the
decision making, for he wanted a more comfortable door 
than we had had, plus a built-in turntable. We could never get
together for the big excursion, so I went downstairs to the
pile of stuff which my daughter had left behind, and rescued
a beat up ancient microwave with a terrible door, barely 
enough room for my portable turntable, and no "seconds"
buttons -- in fact, I could not even set the time in anticipation,
or it would play out right away...  

So I have a stove with a hole in it, and a microwave which must
have been the very first one off somebody's assembly line. But
we must not forget the washing machine, also in the kitchen. 
It walks. In fact, it dances. Never used to, but it sure does now! 
Small load, big load, no matter. We've slaved over leveling the 
darned thing, and even my genius son-in-law worked on the
problem, but guess what..?  It still walks.  

Bottom line:  because of the big snow storm, Jimmie's 79th
birthday party will be held on this coming Saturday, sit down
dinner  for 17. Everything works (and that also includes
Jimmie who hand shovelled the 130 ft driveway today for the
third time this season) so I really can't knock it...  

Come to think of it, Jim's cousin once gave us the most 
fantastic Christmas present:  it was a grocery carton full to
the brim of all the oddball sizes, shapes and colors of 
surviving china since she had gotten married..!  I think I'll go
drag that down from the attic.....

Penny, NY


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