Re: [gardeners] bears???

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:17:33 -0700

>Something I can respond to!  I've seen a real moose,
>on the side of the road. My mother lives part time in
>north central Maine (West Peru for those of you who
>know Maine).  I was up visiting her one weekend and
>went for a drive with my friend to the Rangely Lakes
>area.  We're driving home and all of a sudden my
>friend shouts out " A moose!"  I stop the car, and
>sure enough the biggest, gangliest animal I've ever
>seen was hanging out by the side of the road.  they
>are really big!
>Stacey in DC

And very, very dangerous. They'll get you with their hooves as well as 
their antlers, and they're fast and unpredictable.  Steer clear of 
them.  Margaret L