Re: [gardeners] Raintree Nursery Apples?

David G. Smith (
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 06:18:08 -0500

Thanks for the advice.  Maybe I can do better this year.  It's a shame to
see the fruit go to waste, even though the trees are mainly for ornamental
purposes.  We've got three pears, two cherries, two peaches, a nectarine and
an apple, all dwarf or miniature.  Brown rot got all the peaches and
nectarines the last two year.  The pears and cherries are still young and
haven't set fruit to worry about yet.

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> David, the very first day of training for the Master Gardeners our
> leader told us we have to be willing to spray if we wish to be
> successful with fruit trees.
> Even then, it cannot be haphazard. Spraying should be done at
> specific times in unison with the season's budding and setting of
> fruit. Those charts are available from any Cooperative Extension
> office which would guide you for your own neighborhood.
> Penny, NY zone 6
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