Re: [gardeners] Mediterranean yogurt... and now Homemade American Yogurt

Alan Zelhart (
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 07:54:18 -0700


You guys were the major topic in our news here in Arizona yesterday.  Every
single news channel brought up MA.  Up to three feet of snow dumped in one day
in some places!  Wow!  Of course, they also proceded to brag that we were
sitting at 74 degrees, and not a care in the world...laugh!

Stay safe!
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Diane Roeder wrote:

> Hello from Massachusetts where it's a virtual white-out.
> Regarding making your own yogurt, here's the method in general terms.  You
> need milk: soy, whole, 2%, skim, whatever.  You need the bacteria that will
> culture the milk; if you lilke to spend money you can buy bacteria on
> various places on the internet, or that company whose name I can't remember
> right now that is run by the Amish.  Otherwise you can just buy some yogurt
> and use a little of it to get the culture going.  I used Sunnyfield Farms
> organic plain yogurt from whole milk to get mine going.  You need some
> nonfat dry milk, I assume to add a little more body.  You need a place to
> keep the mixture warm while the bacteria are doing their thing.  An oven
> with a pilot light, a cooler with a shop light clamped to it, etc.  It takes
> a minimum of six hours to culture yogurt;; you can let the process go
> longer.  The last time I let it go 24 hours, and it is still just a little
> on the thin side.  Save about one half cup from this batch to use for
> culturing your next batch.  A little like sourdough bread.
> I tried it the first time just using my electric oven, intermittently
> turning the dial to warm and then to off for several hours.  The results
> were delicious, but I resolved to locate a yogurt maker.  A few days later I
> took some clothes to the Salvation Army, and there on the shelf was a Salton
> Yogurt Maker for $3.99!
> If anyone is interested in pursuing this I can provide more specific info on
> amounts of the ingredients as well as one or two links.
> Diane