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This is so true.  After we had to put Angel, out 14-YO Miniature
Schnauzer, down, I swore I did not want another dog.  But there
was this little pup named Biltmore at our vet's office, waiting for
a new home.  And behind my back, Janet and my two daughters
went looking for another dog - Kristen was 8, and wanted another
dog.  They found a puppy at the Animal Rescue League, but he
was already spoken for.  Then somebody suggested they go to
the vet's office, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Biltmore is
like no other dog I've had, or known.  More creatively playful,
more fun to be around;  a ferocious ratter;  and more expressive
than any non-human animal I've ever seen.  And we would have
missed all this if I had held firm.

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> Alan, each dog has its own personality, unlike other dogs.  There may be
> some breed similarities, but even within a breed, each is an
> individual.  Some dogs like buddies, others want to be the only dog.  You
> will outlive your dog, barring calamity.  It's heartbreaking and tragic for
> each of us when we lose our beloved pals. When we have lost our dogs, we go
> to the humane society and select another pet. It won't take the place of
> the one we've lost, and they are never the same. Each has his own quirks
> and desires, it's just a new dog to care for and love.  Please don't say
> Chip is your "last dog." When you lose him, I hope you'll save a life and
> get another from an animal rescue organization.  Margaret L
> At 07:40 AM 2/13/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >Penny,
> >
> >Chip is my last dog.  I tried getting another pet, a companion for Chip,
> >but he wouldn't have anything to do with it.  He was biting the dog and
> >drawing blood.  He was very jealous.  So I had to give my child hood
> >dream of a Collie up.  I gave the Collie to a lady who lives on a ranch
> >with lots of grandchildren and cattle to heard.  He's much happier
> >there.
> >
> >Chip was my baby, I couldn't give him up.  I tried for three months to
> >work with them, and stop the jealousy.  His name was Oreo.  But Chip was
> >having no part of it.  When I took Oreo to the ranch, I cried literaly,
> >all the way back home.  I wanted to be angry with Chip but I couldn't
> >blame him.  He just wanted me to himself, and didn't want to share me
> >with no one.  Oreo would try to get Chip to play with him, and Chip
> >would bite him instead.  I would try to get down on the floor and play
> >with both of them, and Chip would go to the back bedroom and pout.  It
> >was horrible!  I didn't realize dogs could be that way.
> >
> >I had always, my entire life, wanted a collie... I was so bummed.
> >
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