Re: [gardeners] Re: mothballs in the garden

Alan Zelhart (
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 11:31:47 -0700

On the Gardeners Guy show, locally, he recommended using rose stems (thorns
and all) cut to 4 or 5 inches long in your flower beds to keep the cats out.
I can understand how that would work, but I'm hoping planting a whole bunch
of roses will do the same thing :)

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penny x stamm wrote:

> Kari, several years ago at someone's suggestion, I strewed endless
> quantities of orange peel along the corridor between my plantings and
> the stone wall.  [I'm a real orange lover, thank goodness!) At the end
> of the summer, those peelings lay undisturbed but definitely not very
> attractive, so I raked them up.
> That devilish rogue cat which had been plaguing me is still around ......
> maybe I should repeat the procedure...?
> Penny, NY
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