[gardeners] Thursday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 17:03:15 -0600

Today started out like any other day, humid, overcast, and gloomy. The fruit
trees, with the exception of the fig, loquat and aprium, are all blooming so it
looks nice out there. The Mayhaw got another years reprieve from the headsman's
axe as it is covered with blooms. Laws amercy, there may be mayhaw jelly in the
house this year.

The aprium is the pollenator for the pluot and vice versa so I quick dug up my
Stark Bros. catalog and found that about any Japanese plum would pollenate the
pluot. Popped into the nursery down the street and found one that was in full
bloom for ten bux, name Bruce. Not the nursery or the tree's name, the variety
of Japanese plum. It's cozied up beside my pluot as I write, hopefull momma
nature will do her thing but just in case I have the camels hair brush ready to
do artificial pollenation.

The broccoli is starting to bolt already, we've had temps close to 80F all this
week with a small cold front due to move in Friday night bring temps down to
35F. I noticed a little while ago that the cauliflower is also starting to bolt
so will cut all of that tomorrow and blanch and freeze for Miz Anne. The
broccoli is eaten by one and all but I am sorely disappointed in Miss Sleepy
Dawg Shirley, she actually likes cooked cauliflower. The Florence fennel is
bulbing up nicely and one looks big enough to steam and eat tomorrow. Will also
harvest a nice mess of chard to go in the freezer and pull some carrots for
eating fresh and in salads too. The loose leaf lettuce is absolutely beautiful
and we're gonna have a big chef salad for supper tomorrow. I'm already building
it in my mind.

I should mention that the blueberries are blooming also, all ten of them are
covered with blooms about to open. Maybe we will get a nice crop this year with
the expected rain.

I guess you all noticed that I am up and running with no problems now. Thanks to
Barb Dorsett for switching my subscription to Gardens for me. I was getting
ready to switch back to my old ISP to do it myself when the notification came
in. Good listowners there on Gardens, hope I can do as well with Gardening.

Gotta go cook some eggrolls for dinner. Nope, they're store bought, picked them
up at the Chinese grocery while I was out today. Look very tasty but I will make
a sweet and sour sauce to go with them along with some hot mustard I've got

Life is good.