Re: [gardeners] Saturday in a FL garden

George Shirley (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:34:52 -0600

I have a Tilia Compact II home vacuum sealer. Takes special bags that aren't
cheap but do work well and can be reused many times. They are available at Sam's
Club and, AFAIK, at Sears. About $150 per each. I have bags that have been used
at least 10 times. I turn them inside out after use, rinse with hot water, put
in the dishwasher, held to a rack with a clothes pin, and put them through the
regular cycle with the dishes. Doesn't seem to hurt them and they have no
residual odor or residue in them. I've had this thing at least three or four
years and it keeps our veggies and meats for lengthy times in the freezer
without freezer burn.


Stacey Marien wrote:
> --- George Shirley <> wrote:
> > You have been busy. This morning I harvested all the
> > cauliflower and broccoli
> > that was ready, washed, blanched, froze and then
> > vacuum sealed it and back into
> > the freezer.
> George,
> tell me more about this vacuum sealer.
> Stacey - who weeded and mulched this weekend in DC.
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