Re: [gardeners] 74 degrees today!

Carol J. Bova (
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 23:27:30 -0800

Boy, did we get the wrong weather package this month!  Still more rain 
today, and even more moving into So Cal tonight! The radio people said 
we've gotten more rain than Seattle this year so far. Glad to know there's 
still sunshine out there somewhere! <G>

The tomato vines are looking a little worse for the wear, some dieback, 
some yellowing leaves, but lots of leaf buds on the main stems, and a 
couple dozen more tomatoes starting to move from green to yellow. Some are 
very small, they seemed to have stopped growing when the weather got cold, 
but others are normal sized, and they all taste the same when they ripen.

I did get to pick three tomatoes yesterday for a dinner salad (with produce 
store Romaine, pickling cukes, Mexican onions and a great avocado). I 
noticed something really interesting:about the tomatoes -- the texture was 
very different from the summer and fall crops.  They were meatier, with 
very fleshy interior segments and walls and less juice. Good flavor, not 
quite summer best, but very good.  Any idea why with all this rain they 
would have less liquid?

         In Soggy Sunland, CA

At 01:20 AM 2/28/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Ron et all!
>A glorious day presented itself today.  The warm sun, (74 degrees) and bright
>clear blue skies.  You could see the Farallon Islands from some high spots.
>*sigh*  And tomorrow is to be the same. <snip>
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