OT: Re: [gardeners] Thhe attacment is my signature file, nothing

Dan Dixon (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 12:01:19 -0600

Actual size is 508 bytes. With about 2 GB free space, that means I only have
room for about 4 million vcards. ;) But that's only if they were not deleted
instantly, which I do after reading the message.

I personally do not like vcards (I prefer to hand out my business card only
to those who ask for it), but they are less intrusive than signatures, which
often serve the same purpose, since you don't have to view the vcard to read
the message. Some email apps (Eudora, Outlook Express, etc) can delete
vcards automatically using filtering, FWIW.

Dan Dixon

> From: Margaret Lauterbach <mlaute@micron.net>
> Reply-To: gardeners@globalgarden.com
> Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 09:50:19 -0700
> To: gardeners@globalgarden.com
> Subject: Fwd: [gardeners] Thhe attacment is my signature file, nothing more.
> It's not a signature file, it's his business card and if you opened Ron's
> recent posts it's now occupying 1 k of space on your hard drive.  If
> everyone used a business card attachment, hard disks would fill up rather
> fast.  I asked him nicely to omit it, and he's chosen to ignore my
> request.  Margaret L