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Terry King (
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 13:08:53 -0800

Your setup should be fine.  That's a little fast than this computer I'm on
and this one does just fine.  The older laptop I used to use locked up with
ZoneAlarm.  This one doesn't.


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I haven't set it up yet, just downloaded it. How much resources does it
I've got a PIII chip at 770Mhz with a 30 gig HD and 128meg of RAM, will that
it? I've also been looking at Black Ice but it costs bux.


Terry King wrote:
> I've been using ZoneAlarm and it does work well as long as you have enough
> system resources.
> Terry
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> I'm in the process of preparing for DSL service from Ma Bell. Hook up date
> is
> May 23rd and I'm going to download ZoneAlarm as my firewall. Couple of
> advantages to it, 1) it's free (big plus), 2) it works well according to
> folks I
> know who use it. I'm leery of attachments even from people I know due to
> way
> some worms and viruses appear to be from someone you know but actually
> invaded their address book. Norton seems to catch them all at this time. I
> was
> reading email last night when Norton went to their site and updated
> I
> like that.
> George
> wrote:
> >
> > << It may well be someone on Gardeners and it would be wise for all
> members to
> > check their "out" box and see if sexyfun@hahaha has been sending
> from
> > your computer. If so you are infected and need to run antiviral software
> to
> > clean it up. Anyone else getting this thing?
> >
> > George >>
> >
> > Thank goodness I have a Mac and Norton anti-virus.  AND I don't open
> > attachments unless I know who they are from.  I have a great firewall as
> > well.  You just can't be too careful.  My hubby is in software and their
> IT
> > department unknowingly passed a virus to 24 of their PC's.  OUCH!
> >
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