Re: [gardeners] OT - Mad cow disease in cats

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 16:48:02 -0700

I'd be interested in knowing your sources for this information.  Margaret L

>The current attempt to foment consumer hysteria in the U.S. over meat
>products appears to be driven by a David Fenton company called Environmental
>Media Services, an organization that is notorious for orchestrating
>anti-product scares regarding numerous issues such as pesticides,
>genetically modified foods, dairy products, animal rights, etc. In this
>case, Fenton et al are going after the meat industry. Newsweek is frequently
>inaccurate and regularly presents knee-jerk news. I have not read it, but I
>suspect the article contains the same junk-science that typically is used in
>anti-product propaganda campaigns driven by EMS and their clients.
>My 2 cents.
>Dan Dixon