Re: [gardeners] Spring has sprung in Los Angeles!

Ron Hay (
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 07:35:24 -0800

Hello, Penny,

Yes, I confess, I am guilty as charged: I have had a beard since my
freshman days in 1962, the only difference now is that it is neater and
nearly entirely white:)

Today we will be playing "airline reservations." We plan to fly in the
20th to JFK where my brother, Jack, and his wife, Joan, will pick us up.

The scheduled events of which I am aware will be on Saturday (for sure,
honoring our h.s. math teacher, Carl Wampole), and possibly on Sunday.

Do you have any days that will not work for you the week after my
festivities? We have not yet set the date of our return, but will likely
be Thursday or Friday.

Operative question: would late morning or afternoon work better for you
on any given day?

That same week, we will be visiting friends, John and Zollene Reissner
in Westport. John is a faculty member in the chemistry department at the
U. of North Carolina at Pembroke, whos is on sabbatical this year, and
has "apprenticed" himself to one of the regulars on Rukhuyser's (sp?)
show of financial wizardry on PBS, since the market has become more than
an avocation, as he approaches retirment. Zollene (Isn't that a
marvelous name? Sounds like one invented by Tennessee Williams!) is a
church composer and organist in Lumberton, N.C.

We met them in a strange and wonderful way: Zollene was the college
roommate of our of our dearest friends here in L.A., and we had heard
about their college exploits for  years. Then, in the fall of '93, John
came to UCLA on sabbatical and Zollence, of course, came along. Our
mutual friend, Nina, was so busy teaching master classes in voice in
Boston, N.Y., Miami and Costa Rica (cannot remember the name of the
city), that she actually was not in L.A. all that much while J and Z
were here. We just kind of fell into hanging around with each other,
having dinners together, going places, and became fast friends,
especially Vivian and Zollene, who visit each other regularly whenever
either one has occasion to be within a hundred miles of each other. John
and I never became that close: he is a Chemist and Scientist, and I am
one of those "weird" humanities types who studied  Medieval German.
The sun burst forth with glorious splendor here, this morning, after a
rather nice, but somewhat overcast day yesterday. I just peeked outside
at the macadamia, and the little catkins have grown measurably since
yesteday, and their little buds are fattening apace.

I need to finish toting up deductions today, prior to my meeting with
our accountant on Monday, but I desparately need to tend to the lawn and
some basic (!) garden cleanup. The grass has grown 2" since I cut it on
Monday, since we had applied fertizlizer just before the last deluge.

Well, my friend, I need to get some breakfast and get on with the day.

Have a wonderful day. I will give you a call soon, some evening, when I
get in from work. I know you are a nightowl, but hope that a call at
around 10 your time would not disturb Jimmy. If it would, I could call
another time.

Be well, and revel in the glory of spring!