Re: [gardeners] Black mold

George Shirley (
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 16:28:45 -0600

Very common on gardenias in this area too Craig. We use a fungicide, forget the
name, and spray it about three times a year and it seems to work. We also have
to give ours some chelated iron each year or the foliage yellows. YMMV.


Craig Watts wrote:
> Well spring brings good news and bad news. Found our Gardenia COVERED in
> black mold. It was planted in full sun as a cover plant to the well pump
> cover. (I think they recommended partial shade.)
> We read "the book" and it suggested insectisidale soap. The only thing we
> had was a very weak dish washing liquid solution. Cleaned of the plant and
> power washed it with the hose. Looks much better and hope we have helped
> more than hurt.
> The plant is about 3 years old and is very vigorous. Leave were very
> strong.
> Any suggestions to what we have found?
> Craig Watts