[gardeners] Re: Compost screenings

Kari Whittenberger-Keith (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 08:14:11 -0800

Hi Ron,

You may want to erect a trellis system around the pallets, then use a fast
growing, evergreen vine (I'm not sure what that would be in S CA--around
here I'd probably choose an evergreen clematis, or one of the honeysuckles
or jasmines that are evergreen) on the trellis.  That way the pallets can
be changed out, bumped, whatever, and the trellising system is separate and
the planting won't be disturbed.

We're actually in the process of doing the same thing.  We're using reed
fencing to screen the compost area, then are doing a series of shrubs and
vines to cover it.


Kari Whittenberger-Keith
Managing Editor, Old House Chronicle