Re: [gardeners] Re:Thursday at home

George Shirley (
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 17:18:27 -0600

Thank you, I'm sure I will be able to tell when I can go no more. I couldn't go
more than 7.5 minutes even when I was reasonably fit, the old legs give out
before the chest does. I just hope we feel like visiting a few nurseries, might
be some real bargains out there.


bsk wrote:
> Now just don't let them try to knock you off with all that stress stuff! You be sure
> to tell them what to do with their test if you don't feel good. my ...... a 100
> plant places to go to if you have the energy! What a great thing to look forward to!
> Take care of yourself.
> Ranchmama
> ****************
> George Shirley wrote:
> >  The first test is the standard treadmill test and the second will
> > follow after two hours rest and will be the nuclear test, radioactive dye in the
> > veins and big machine to track it.  What else will arise from the stress tests is,
> > at
> > this moment, unknown. George