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Harry Boswell (
Mon, 9 Apr 2001 12:02:56 -0500

I had just the opposite experience - the local lumber yard was pathetic - 
wood stored under large sheds that had many leaks, high prices, etc. - 
until first HQ and then Home Depot came to town.  Good local stores
should be supported - my local hardware is an example.  I'll pay a bit
more to get the exact item I need, along with the advice that goes with
it.  But bad local stores are rip-offs that should be euthanized.

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> We bought kitchen cabinets and new dishwasher and other stuff from Home 
> Despot a few months ago.  They charged us a drayage fee of about $25.  A 
> few days ago, I wanted lumber to build raised beds and called our 
> neighborhood lumber company, ordered 2X10s and 2X6 Douglas fir. Yes ma'am, 
> they could deliver that afternoon, and Yes ma'am, we could pay for it on 
> delivery. They did not charge a drayage fee.  I think the total charge is 
> about identical to what it would have been from Home Despot, but I felt 
> particularly good about dealing with the company we've done business with 
> for 30 years.  They know what they know off the top of their heads, they 
> don't have to go look up dimensions in stock either.
> Margaret L