Re: [gardeners] Home Again

George Shirley (
Tue, 01 May 2001 07:25:06 -0500



penny x stamm wrote:
> George, are you going to try to hang some wallpaper....???
> How great that you are already back in your own 4 walls with
> no overnights at all!  I'll bet that Sleepy Dawg was happy to
> see you...
> You know, Jimmie would just ADORE it if I were told to give him
> sponge baths -- he loves to be mothered. Of course, that does
> not mean that he wants to be bossed, or led around, perish
> forbid! But a wife who's like a geisha, now that's his idea of
> heaven..  Listen to his stories, make him some rice pudding,
> help him rebuild the V W Beetle engine,  keep the other side
> of the bed warm, never run out of stamps, and when he gets
> to looking like Einstein, then cut his hair for him..... now
> that's pretty much true love.
> We are coming up on our 58th wedding anniversary --
> battling all the way -- but he has kept true to his credo of
> no division of labor. Five kids, and he changed just as many
> diapers are I did.  And when I had to spend 6 months in bed
> with back problems, you would have thought that I was
> Queen Liliuokalani with the service I got!   Say, George ---
> come to think of it, EYE got the sponge baths...!  I knew that
> phrase had a familiar ring to it . . .
> So make the most of Miz Anne's waitin' on you -- and keep
> thinking that it's nice to have a holiday.  Don't give it a second's
> thought that there's work crying to be done. It'll wait. Just lie
> back with a jackass smile on your face, the way Jimmie
> would do, and let your Lady sponge away...  There aren't enuf
> moments like this in a lifetime.
> Penny. NY
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