[gardeners] Over the weekend (pls note correct spelling)

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 07 May 2001 14:16:46 -0500

Just teasing June but here is a weekend report from the Shirley Swankienda. 
Saturday Miz Anne mowed and I slept most of the day in the easy chair, Miss
Sleepy Dawg by my side (Ever Faithful). Sunday I picked the green beans, about
three quarts of the 25 foot row. Pressure canned them today in pint jars. The
carrots badly need picking and if I can convince Miz Anne to pull them I will
wash, cut up, and can the majority. We also pulled about a quart of radishes,
ate most of them, still have a few in the fridge. The zukes have fruit that are
about 4 inches long and still no sign of vine borers. Dare I hope the beneficial
nematodes got them while they were in their hide in the ground mode? The cuke
plants are about 6 inches tall now and starting to run, gotta get something up
for them to run on or let them crawl over under the blueberries. Pulled all the
onions, chopped a bunch more and the rest are in net bags in the storeroom,
curing for later planting. Some were immediately replanted. 

The boysenberries are producing, the raspberries are getting closer to ripe, and
so are the blueberries. Our one plum was eaten yesterday, we split it three ways
as Sleepy likes them too. We have about 4 peaches left and Miz Anne got up on
the step ladder and covered them with net bags to keep the !@#$% cowbirds and
grackles off of them. The fig tree has little figs and the Fuyu persimmon has
little simmons.

The new lettuce is getting thinned for daily salads and the tomatoes are making
little toms, BLT time is getting closer.

Had relatives in from California yesterday, bitching about energy prices until I
showed them our utility bills and then they shut up. They're gone today, good
thing as our views are completely opposite. You can't pick your kin

Still, it was a good weekend and life is good.

George, typing with both hands again