Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 13 May 2001 14:13:23 -0500

In-laws in southern Maryland report it's dry there too Stacey. We had a bumper
crop of peaches, none of which made it to our table. The !@#$%^& birds pecked
holes in them as they got close to ripe and then dropped them. Same with the
plums but we did get to share one of those. I've ordered bird netting for next
year and already have a small one that will soon go over the fig tree.

We are getting some boysenberries and the raspberries are making berries.


Stacey Marien wrote:
> This is my first season gardening and I've had my
> first harvest!  Nothing compared to George's bounty
> but this week I picked radishes (red and purple),
> lettuce, spinach and asparagus.  I planted a mesclun
> lettuce mix type of seeds and they are growing
> wonderfully. My mother in law couldn't believe the big
> bag of lettuce came from my garden.  Now if it would
> only rain here in DC (no rain in a month)
> I bought some strawberry plants and put them in a
> strawberry pot, sitting on my porch.  My daughter Emma
> (age 4) and I have been watching the first big berry
> get red.  I went out Sat morning and the berry was
> gone.  I suspect a squirrel or bird. There are lots of
> berries on the plants and I'm hoping we at least get a
> couple of red ones.
> Stacey
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