RE: [gardeners] Too hot for Peppers?

Jane Burdekin (
Wed, 23 May 2001 08:17:22 -0600

Hi Penny,
It sure has been a crazy bunch of weather this year, we are way above our
normal for moisture, which I am thankful for, now that I am not out running
the snow blower every other morning. I do hope we have had our last snow for
the season.  Most everything came thru pretty well, I did cover a few things
like the peoney, basil, and the snapdragons, and pansies that I had just
planted that day.  Some of the cherries look a little brown on one side, we
will see how they faired later this year.  

I pulled out part of my watering system too this year, nothing like you did
tho.  I am building a new garden area this year in front of my compost heap.
It was a mess with big dandy lions and grasses and some kind of wild
ornamental strawberry that migrated from my neighbors yard.  I got a lot of
sod removed on Sunday and will now put down some patio stones and create a
nice garden there to replace the mess.  I got a Japanese red maple to be the
center focus of the garden and will be taking out an old honey suckle that
has never been very happy there.  

Good luck with your gardening this year, and the weather. 

in Colorado

Hi Jane -- New York is copying Colorado with temperature
extremes. We've been up to 90* and then down to 33* in a
miserable seesaw which the plants do not like at all. Have 
not set out any veggies or annual flowers, and it seems like
a desert around here. 

In a burst of lunatic reorganization last fall, Jimmie cut off
ALL the underground water soaking hoses for my nine beds,
and brought them inside.  Never happened before, and my word!
what chaos has ensued!  They got tangled. And some mysteriously
got cut. I am suspicious that he might have helped himself to
a length here and there, as he made changes under the shrubbery. 
Bottom line:  an awful lot of work. 

I'll be thinking of you when the heat suddenly arrives -- and we can
both petition Heaven to cut out these games! 

Penny, NY