Re: [gardeners] bird netting on raspberries question

George Shirley (
Fri, 25 May 2001 13:56:09 -0500

Personal experience is that they will go under any open edges to get what they
want. I've had better luck with my "flasher". Drove a pole at either end of the
patch, strung 80 lb. monofil between poles, hung cd's on fishing swivels hooked
to 2 lb test monofil along the line. Take two cd's, AOL is great about sending
them out, hot glue them with the shiny side out, take a hole punch and punch
through near the edge, hook the fishing swivel through the hole and go from
there. Any wind at all and they spin and flash. As an extra bonus they hum.
Keeps the mockers out and the squirrels too, they're not sure what it is.


Dan Dixon wrote:
> Hello all,
> We're trying bird netting on the raspberries this year. The perpetrators are
> mockingbirds and squirrels. The fake snake, fake owl, and six real cats
> didn't cut it (granted, I didn't chain the cats to the fence next to the
> patch, but don't think I didn't consider it). Shotgun's not
> practical...might scare the neighbors. So I put a bird net "tent" over the
> patch, supported by 4 poles. The net doesn't reach to the ground on 2 sides
> and there's about a 1 foot gap there. I put the fake snake down there and
> I'll move it around periodically. My question is, will the birds and/or
> squirrels roll their eyes and laugh as they hop under my tent, or will this
> stop most of the little filchers.
> TIA,
> Dan Dixon