[gardeners] Monday in the garden of life

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 12:54:16 -0500

Took off yesterday morning at 0630 and did about 45 minutes work for a client
and then hit the high road for the VA hospital in Alexandria, LA. Got there
about 0915 and saw the cardiologist about 0950. He tells me that most of my
artery blockage from 1987 has either bypassed itself or has cleared through my
medication and diet regime. The high blood pressure is caused by a cavitation
effect where three arteries that flow out of the right ventricle meet. Two of
them are the natural arteries, one of which was blocked in 1987 and has since
bypassed the blockage naturally. The other is the ascending mammary artery that
was rerouted to bypass the blockage. Where the three join is where the
cavitation effect is happening. He is changing my meds to better resist the
effect and increase the flow from the right ventricular side of the heart.
Perfusion rate (Pumping rate) is now 46 percent and he wants to get it up to 60
percent if possible. I'm now coming off the calcium blocker I've been on for
years, a four-week process, and then will go on the new med. He also says that
although my heart is enlarged the walls have not thickened. Evidentally that's a
good thing.  Left there about 1020, getting home about 1300 (stopped for lunch).

Rested and answered phone calls until Miz Anne got home from her life drawing
class about 1500 and we then went out and poured the rest of the concrete for
the drain sump in front. Also poured two 18 inch stepping stones, mowed the
front yard (damned near had to have pontoons on the mower), started trying to
pull the concrete that held two fence post that rusted off at the ground, and
said to heck with it and rested some more. Picked three Yellow Bell 'maters and
divvied them up on the spot. They don't get real big for us but are they ever
tasty and prolific.

We were all in bed and asleep at 10 pm and the alarm clock going off at 0530
scared the heck out of everyone. Just got in from work a bit ago and the garden
is suffering from the heat and humidity. Bright sunshine hurts it after 12
inches of rain. Called Home Depot and they have several grades of shade cloth so
will go get some when Miz Anne gets home. She doesn't like for me to go there
without her, I tend to buy manly things, tools, etc, and she wants in on the
deal. Today I am tired, a little bit sore, but very happy with my medical
reports and life in general. Life is indeed good.