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Mon, 25 Jun 2001 08:50:51 -0500

George out of 680 acres we only have one 240 acre place that will grow
berries. These are all the wild berries that grow here and there. You know,
they grow here this year and move over there next year. LOL
    The dew berries I just quit picking last week or so and the wild
blackberries have been picked 2 times with more red ones waiting for the
bucket soon.
    The dew berries on the first picking was just supper big and juicy! Big
as some of those huge old marbles from years ago. We haven't had much rain
at all since that first dew berry picking so now all the regular
blackberries are good but small on the average. Will put them all in the
freezer and make jelly in the future.
     I want to plant some domestic berries in a long row I can get to and
take care of sometime. Surely it would be easier picking than playing hunt
and search in all the knee high pecan trees and stickers! Do domestic
berries travel like these wild ones do?
     Last years patch disappeared and I found the blackberry bushes a 100
feet north in the shade of the pecan grove!
    Do you think your berries are not performing due to a over abundance of
water? Berries like it pretty dry with a drink just every now and then. Do
you think yours would do any better in a raised bed situation?

Okie zone 7a
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